The first two letters of the word gospel are "GO!" For us to reach people with the gospel, it takes people stepping out in faith and saying yes to 'GO'. Pray and ask the Lord if He would have you move to the city of Austin to help start ZAO Church. Give us a shout and we'll help you take the next step.


Launch Team Interest

Interested in joining the launch team and helping start ZAO Church? We ask that you begin by asking God for clarity around these three questions:

  1. Am I called to help start a church?
  2. Am I called to help start a church in Austin?
  3. Am I called to help start a church with Jared and Ali Lyons?

If you feel like God is calling you to take the next steps toward moving to Austin as a part of the launch team, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly.

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